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8171 check online is a dedicated helpline to get updates about your eligibility or other details with your phone. Ehsaas program CNIC check online is now easier than ever due to the inauguration of a dedicated portal. You don’t need to go through lengthy steps, but a message is enough. Send your valid CNIC card number to 8171 and check your eligibility online.

Ehsaas BISP program allows candidates to apply for Rs. 9000 financial support from the government of Pakistan. Usually, a candidate receives this amount after three months in installments. All the families who can’t afford food or are low-income can get assistance through the 8171 Ehsaas program.

8171 Check Online

Do you want to know more about the Ehsaas program CNIC check online? Read this guide till the end to know more about it.

What Is 8171 Online Check?

Ehsaas program is not dealing with financial aid to low-income families under the Benazir income support program. The officials have allocated a dedicated helpline to know your eligibility and application status. All you have to do with your mobile phone is type a message. Type your valid CNIC card number (without dashes) and send it to the 8171 helpline.

After sending a message, wait for a while so that they can verify things as per their SOPs. If selected, you will receive a message and all the details to collect the money. The Ehsaas program has allocated different banks to give money to the selected candidates. Habib bank limited is on the top; just visit the nearest cash center or HBL ATM to collect your funds.

8171 BISP Program

In actuality, the Benazir income support program was started in 2008, but now it’s under the Ehsaas Program. The Ehsaas program, BISP, and the government of Pakistan are connected together to support low-income families in a better way. 8171 check online helpline has been started to make it a transparent program and to assist people digitally.

8171 BISP Program

It’s a single platform to receive all the updates about your eligibility, application status, and more. No more visits to the physical centers or applications with documents; all you can do is with your valid National ID Card. Register yourself with the BISP program by sending your id card number to 8171.

When the message from the Ehsaas official says, Congratulations, you are eligible for the Ehsaas program, it means you have been selected. Another message will guide you about the cash collection and other details, so read carefully.

Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online Through 8171

If you want to register yourself under the Ehsaas program to receive financial assistance, Ehsaas program online check allows you to do it manually with your phone. It’s a time-saving method to apply and know your eligibility for the program. Here we have explained how to check your eligibility through 8171 check online:

Step 1: Due to the updated BISP policy, you have to visit the BISP office once to register yourself with the required documentation.

Step 2: After that, take your mobile and type your ID card number into the message.

Step 3: Send it to 8171 (It will have certain charges to send the message).

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation message to know your eligibility.

Step 5: Congratulations! You have done 8171 programs.

8171 Eligibility Criteria

A candidate meeting the Ehaas program criteria is eligible for the BISP 8171 program. Here is the list of eligibility criteria below:

  • You don’t have any property in your name.
  • You don’t have foreign visits or a valid visa.
  • You must have a valid national ID card having a few months of validity (at least).
  • You have been verified from an NSER survey.
  • You have a lower income than the threshold.
  • A minimum 32 score in the NSER survey by NADRA.
  • No vehicle should be registered.
  • The candidate doesn’t have a registered business.
  • The candidate has a low income equal to or less than 39 thousand per month.

8171 Ehsaas Program NADRA

Ehsaas program has started a helpline to get a dynamic survey, online application tracking, or know your eligibility. You can now register yourself under the Ehsaas program with a single platform. It covers approximately 155 districts of Pakistan, including Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Gilgit Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir. For this purpose, visit the nearest NADRA center for NSER verification.

After that, check your eligibility through your mobile phone by typing a 13-digit CNIC number into a message and sending it to 8171. If you apply through the 8171 portal, you will need to enter the details, including the Name of the Candidate, CNIC number, FRC number, Mobile number, Family member list, and NSER form number. After that, you can check your application status on mobile by sending the CNIC number on 8171 check online . It’s a single helpline to find your eligibility and track Ehsaas application.

Documents Required For 8171 Check Online

Prepare the following important documents before visiting BISP or Ehsaas center:

  • A utility bill (electricity, gas, telephone, etc).
  • CNIC card of the head of the family.
  • ID card of the beneficiary.
  • Income proof (if any).
  • Ownership proof of the assets (if any)
  • A registered mobile phone on the beneficiary’s ID card.


In conclusion, the 8171 Check online Ehsaas program is a new initiative by the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan. The aim is to provide financial assistance to low-income families who can’t afford food and basic facilities to live properly. Send your identity card number to 8171 and know your eligibility. The message will also guide you on receiving your cash from prescribed ATMs or visiting the Ehsaas center. In actuality, it’s a great initiative to reduce poverty.


It’s very easy to check your eligibility or track your application with the 8171 check online program. Hold your phone and type a message including your 13-digit CNIC card number. Further, send it to 8171, and you will receive a message with all the details about your eligibility.

First, send your ID card number to 8171, and they will tell you about your eligibility. If you are eligible, the message will guide you on how to collect your funds from prescribed ATMs or the nearest Ehsaas center.

It’s an initiative by Ehsaas officials to give financial assistance to low-income families. You will receive certain cash according to your eligibility.

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