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The government of Pakistan started this initiative Benazir Income Support Program in July 2008. This program was launched the help poor and needy people who are surviving their lives in poverty and have to face economic crises.

BISP Ehsaas Registration App 2023

Benazir Income Support Program was started to provide financial assistance or other opportunities to make their lives better. The aim of this program is to help those whose monthly income is insufficient for their families. They cannot meet their basic needs.

Due to the high prices of everything poor and low-income families cannot afford their household expenses. The cost of basic needs had reached a 30-year high, and fast food prices were rising across the board in addition to the economic catastrophe brought on by the global financial crisis.

The Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), as it is known, was created by a parliamentary act with the steadfast backing of both Pakistan’s president and prime minister. BISP, a government flagship initiative, has a broad range of goals targeted at improving the socioeconomic circumstances of disadvantaged people and families across the country.

Goals or Objectives of BISP App download:

The Program was carried out in accordance with a Parliamentary Act, and both the Pakistani President and Prime Minister are fully in favor of BISP. The BISP has basic objectives:

  • The aim of this program is to raise the financial well-being of poor and low-income families. 
  • The goal is to eliminate poverty from the poverty from the country. 
  • The aim is to introduce policies that are trying to improve the lives of poor people. 
  • The aim is to provide financial assistance to the most vulnerable community of society. 

Eligibility Criteria for BISP App Download:

The government has set eligibility criteria for the BISP program to make sure that the benefit reaches those who genuinely need it the most. The applicant should meet the eligibility criteria to register for the program. Here is the list of following eligibility criteria established by the government:

  • Only poor and deserving people are eligible for this program.
  • Individuals should have a poverty score below 30. 
  • Government employees are not eligible for the program.
  • Individuals who own their property or have any business are not eligible for the program. 

Uses of BISP App Download:

The Benazir Income Support 2024 APK’s primary goal is to provide Pakistani individuals with a quick and easy way to access their legal benefits. The BISP is committed to tenaciously trying to give all Pakistanis the opportunity to improve their financial situation and take care of their families. The Benazir Income Support 2024 APK is available for free download now. High levels of security were considered in the construction of the BISP App 2024 APK. The application will preserve all data collected and stored there, ensuring the security of all client data. Additionally, the app is equipped with a variety of security features to ensure that users are fully authenticated and that their personal information is correctly checked. By doing this, BISP is assuring all residents that they can readily access their accounts without worrying about unauthorized access.BISP invites people to use it to start their journey toward a simpler, more empowered existence, with the aim of achieving major economic stability and providing relief to its residents.

  • Through BISP App you can check your current installment Status. 
  • You can check your transaction history by using the BISP App. 
  • The BISP app allows you to register online for the BISP program. 
  • The BISP app allows access to free healthcare facilities. 
  • The BISP app provides you with a helpline in case of any objections. 

How to register in BISP through the BISP app?

BISP has made the application available for download so that anyone may simply register for the program and find out if they qualify by doing so. To participate in this program? You should follow these procedures if you want to join BISP.

  1. Search for the BISP app in the Play Store of your mobile phone or you can download by BISP App download
  2. Click the Download button and the process of downloading the BISP application will get started. 
  3. After downloading the application, start the account creation process. To finish the account setup procedure, follow the in-app instructions.
  4. A form will be presented to you after you create your account. 
  5. To begin the joining procedure, you must enter your national identity card number (NIC) in this form. 
  6. Complete the form by accurately entering the relevant information.

You may quickly register for the BISP program and find out if you qualify by following these steps. The application provides an easy platform for people to sign up and use the different services and support offered by BISP.

BISP App Download New Update:

The Benazir Income Support Program has recently introduced a number of updates, here are some of the new updates of the BISP program.

  1. Launch of the new mobile application.
  2. The program’s growth to include more provinces and areas.
  3. The monthly allowance will rise and become 7000RS.
  4. Launching new programs, such as the Benazir Taleemi Wazaif (Education Scholarship) Program.


Benazir Income Support System is committed to providing financial assistance to its inhabitants and ensuring an equitable society for all. It aims to improve the quality of life for its residents and increase financial government support in Pakistan with the launch of this app. I hope this article will help you if you need any detailed information about BISP App Download.


1: How to download the BISP App?

 Go to the BISP App download and install the app. Or you can download it from the Play Store app on your mobile phone. 

2: What is the new amount of the BISP program?

The new amount of the BISP program is now 7000 RS monthly. 

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