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The Ehsaas Disabled Program is an initiative by the government of Pakistan to look forward to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. In December 2020 Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan announced this initiative for the welfare and betterment of special persons in Pakistan. The purpose of the program is to help those persons who are laborers and deserving people who cannot earn their own and are dependent on their families. Under this program, an amount of cash is paid to those deserving people who cannot earn their own and are dependent on their families. They don’t even get a job, so these types of people will be facilitated by the Ehsaas Program and get enough amount of money to fulfill their basic needs.

Ehsaas Disable Program

In Pakistan, a lot of families have disabled persons some by birth or some by accident. This program facilitates almost 70 million families who have disabled persons. A monthly cash transfer of 2000 Rs is provided to disabled people, this amount will be sent to their cash bank savings accounts so that they can keep their money safe and use it when the time comes.

This program aims to boost self-confidence and empower disabled persons by providing them with financial assistance, and skill development facilities.

Objectives of the Ehsaas Disabled Program:

  1. The objective of this program is to facilitate disabled persons becoming active participants in society.
  2. The main objective of this program is to provide financial aid to disabled persons to meet their basic needs, and medical services and to participate in the skills development program.
  3. The program aims to provide a better healthcare approach for disabled persons.
  4. This program aims to give assistance with wheelchairs, walking sticks, and hearing aids to disabled persons.

Who is Eligible for Ehsaas Disabled Person Registration?

To be registered in the program, the individual must meet the eligibility criteria of the program. The criteria show that the benefit is reaching the deserving persons in society.

  • Individuals who are disabled and belong to a low-income family or don’t have any source of income are eligible for this program.
  • Applicants should be a citizen of Pakistan because this program facilitates individuals living all over the country.
  • Applicants must recognize their disability like hearing, visual, physical, or multiple disabilities.
  • Applicants should have CNIC with the mentioned disability and are eligible for this program.
  • Individuals who have done their biometric verification of special persons through Nadra are eligible for this program.
Ehsaas Disable Person Program 2023

How to apply for Ehsaas Disable Person Registration Via Website?

The Ehsaas Disable Person program makes the process of registration more accessible and efficient by introducing an online registration system. Now through Ehsaas Disable Person Registration, it becomes easier for individuals to apply for the program without wasting any time or by visiting different offices.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Online Registration:

  • Applicants should visit the official website for Ehsaas Disabled Person Registration. 
  • Now applicants should fill up the registration form by providing the required information like name, age, address, disability status, family income, CNIC of a disabled person with a mentioned disability, and other relevant documents.
  • After completing the registration form with the required information click on Submit.
  • After submission, your application will be verified by the authority of the program to make sure that all information is correct or that you are eligible or not for this program.

Ehsaas Disabled Person Registration through Bait-ul-mal :

Ehsaas disabled person program provides the facility of registration through one text for those who don’t have access to the internet or belong to an unprivileged community. 

Here are the following steps for registration through Bait-ul-mal:

  • If you cannot register online, then print out the registration form given on the Ehsaas Disable Person website.
  • Now enter your information like your disability, name, address, and CNIC.
  • Applicants should attach a photo of himself with the form.
  • Now visit your nearest Bait-ul-mal office and submit the applicant’s thumb impression.
  • After registration, your card will be generated for this program and you’ll start having beneficiaries of monthly cash transfers from the program.

How to check the application status for Ehsaas Disabled Person Registration?

If you want to check your application status after registration send your CNIC on 8171. After sending a text you’ll receive a confirmation message from the program that your application is approved or not. If your application is approved then you’ll have your amount of 2000 RS monthly.

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The Ehsaas Disabled Person Program aims to facilitate or empower disabled persons in our society who are living life in poverty and cannot meet their basic needs. By providing financial assistance, vocational training, and healthcare opportunities to special persons a gap between them and society should be removed. 


A disabled person will get a monthly cash transfer of 2000RS and many other beneficiaries like vocational training, healthcare opportunities, etc. 

  • Send your CNIC at 8171.
  • If you have done your biometric verification of disability through Nadra then you’ll receive a confirmation message of your eligibility.

The government makes sure that PWDs have their rights in areas like education, employment, and rehabilitation. The government helps by sending funds to those who help disabled individuals. 

The amount of payment made to someone who cannot earn or work to their own because of illness, injury, or serious medical condition.

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