Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program 2024 Online Registration Check

Through the Rehribaan initiative, launched in April 2021, the federal government sought to integrate street vendors into the formal economy. This program is for those who have nothing to do and don’t have any source of income. The program is for the trader or dealer who has stopped their work due to any criterion.

The primary goal of the Rehri Baan Program is to offer street vendors and cart owners support and assistance in order to improve their working conditions and increase their capacity for income generation. The program’s funds can be used to upgrade the mobility features, add roofs, install basic amenities like fans and lights, and generally improve the quality and safety of the carts.

An estimated 8–12 million street vendors work in Pakistan. When it comes to developing a structural strategy for managing a thriving and resilient street economy, Pakistan appears to be much further behind than most of its contemporaries.

The G-10 Islamabad location implemented this program. Dakar Sania Nishtar visited the site of Ehsaas Rehri at the G-11 Center here. This program includes instruction in financial literacy, marketing expertise, and business management, all of which are intended to strengthen the vendors’ entrepreneurial skills and increase their chances of success.

The Islamabad government of Shahbaz Sharif destroyed the previous government’s Ehsaas Rehribaan project. Imran Khan’s response was poor in that he became irate with the government because he has a very good heart and cares a lot about Pakistan’s underprivileged citizens.  When our government arrives, Dr. Sania Nishtar says, “We will restore it.” The Ehsaas Rehri Ban Project was discussed in committee. Imran Khan considers increasing the amount of Ehsaas emergency cash as well.

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program 2024 Online Registration Check

Objectives of the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program:

Under the Ehsaas Program, there was also the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program. Here are some advantages and the Rehri Baan Program’s goals and objectives, just as with every other Ehsaas Program.

  • The primary goal is to eradicate poverty and improve the lives of those who already reside there. 
  • The program’s objectives are to uphold the rights of street vendors and encourage the formalization of unofficial businesses.
  • By providing support and resources, the program seeks to uplift the living standards of street vendors.
  • They will receive a PKR 20,000 financial grant to aid in the launch of their own businesses.
  • The goal is to provide Training and support to help them improve their businesses.

Who is Eligible for the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program 2023?

The federal government has set eligibility criteria for the Rehri Baan Program. The eligibility criteria make sure that the benefits reach those who genuinely need them the most and reduce the chances of fraud. The applicant must first meet the eligibility criteria, and then they’ll be able to apply to the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program. 

The government has established the following list of eligibility requirements:

  • If you are a street vendor or one who sells things from a small cart, then you are eligible for the program.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of Pakistan to be eligible. 
  • If the applicant belongs to a poor family and is looking for income source, then they are eligible for the program. 

Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program Online Application 2023:

The government started the online registration process for the Rehri Baan Program. Now you can apply for the program from home to get financial relief. This online web portal is established to gather all deserving individuals on a single platform to meet their needs. 

Step-by-step procedure for online registration:

Here is the step-by-step procedure to register online for the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program:

  1. Go to the official website of Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program
  2. Read out all the necessary information and move on to the process. 
  3. To check your eligibility status, follow the next steps.
  4. Add your 13-digit CNIC number to register online. 
  5. Now press ENTER.
  6. Then a screen will appear with your status.
  7. If they confirm your eligibility, then fill out the registration form.
  8. You need to fill out the registration form by providing some details like your name, contact number,CNIC number, source of income , household members, etc. 
  9. After filling out the form, Click on the Submit button. 
  10. After submission, you can get your financial relief. 


The Ehsaas Rehbri Program was first implemented in the streets of Islamabad, and the only beneficiaries of its widespread implementation are the nation’s homeless and underprivileged citizens. It aims to help beneficiaries grow their businesses by giving them resources, funding, and training. Much like the rehri baan vendors who liven up our streets, the Program improves the lives of many people. I hope this article will help you get detailed information about the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program. 


1: Who is eligible for the Ehssas Rehri Baan Program?

If you are a street vendor or one who sells things from a small cart and belongs to an obscure community in Pakistan, then you are eligible for the Ehsaas Rehri Program. 

2:How do I apply online for the Ehsaas Rehri Baan Program?

Visit the official website of the Rehri Baan Program, check your eligibility through your 13-digit CNIC number and complete the registration process. 

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